Student Life & Wellbeing Framework

Ms Yvonne Rolley1

1VU, Melbourne, Australia


VU Student Services with aims of improving student retention and success, has developed a more integrated collaborative model of student wellbeing, retention and success reflecting a holistic student centred approach integrating both academic and social engagement improving accessibility and retention. The Student Life & Wellbeing Framework outlines priority strategies for service provision, student support and engagement and is underpinned by the principles of inclusion and student centricity strategically aligned with VU’s strategic objectives (including strategies for Student Advising, the First Year Model, Employability and Student Retention) and driven by the recognition that retention, success and completion is everyone’s responsibility.  It is a sustainable evidence-based service framework reflecting core professional values that underpin the practice model, which reinforces accessibility, early intervention and self-determination and collaboration and partnership.

It is a psycho/social framework supporting students to develop an early sense of student identity and belonging to the VU community facilitating engagement, academic achievement and success. This approach is consistent with providing a more efficient, student oriented and high impact service with a sustainable approach to mental health that focusses on promotion, prevention and intervention across VU. In a collaborative partnership with students it provides a progressive strategic umbrella for university wide strategies such as Mental Health and Accessibility.

As a dynamic approach, the reimagining through a student lens of ‘earliest intervention’ around accessibility and inclusion at enquiry and pre-enrolment is planned to dovetail with the successful Block Model strengthening a positive learning experience for success.


Degrees in Social Science and Social Work
As a professional social work practitioner, I have a demonstrated 30-year history of commitment to facilitating strategic inclusive, equitable policy and practice as a senior manager in public, corporate and higher education sectors. This includes managing communication and education policy and service development in a human rights statutory body, as well as communication, wellbeing policy and programs management in large corporate organizations-BHP, Coles Myer, Ramsay Health as well as over 20 years managing communication and engagement in six universities, The university if Melbourne, RMIT, Swinburne and Deakin universities, La Trobe university and VU
With a strong commitment to community development and young people and the capacity building of future generations through education. I am committed to connecting educational and research agendas to improve equity and access.
As a senior manager in a number if universities I have worked collaboratively with diverse stakeholders across the university facilitating an integrated community development approach to enhancing the student experience. I am committed to enabling staff to be outstanding in their field, and in ensuring that their work is presented in innovative, inclusive and integral ways. My student engagement management practice is creative and inclusive and my collegiate relationships are enthusiastic, task and success focused and is underpinned by transition pedagogy with a whole-of-institution approach, with the aims of improving the student experience, retention and satisfaction.


The Australian and New Zealand Student Services Association Inc. (ANZSSA) is a professional association for people with an interest in the role of support services in post secondary education. We are focused on: The quality of the student experience Supporting and empowering students to achieve their educational and life goals Enhancing student wellbeing and development Improving student success and persistence Providing outreach to students at-risk Raising institutional student retention rates For more information, please visit the ANZSSA website at

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