Student Lifecycle Program: Connecting with International Students on the Academic Progression Register

Mrs Lakia Turner1, Dr Sophia Barnes1, Ms Ana Munro1

1The University Of Sydney, Student Support Services, The University Of Sydney, Australia


In Semester 1 2018, University of Sydney Student Transition and Retention (STAR) Team, in partnership with Faculties and student support services, piloted the Student Lifecycle Program to support international students placed on the academic progression register. The STAR Team engages with international students in myriad ways, including through the Track & Connect program, an existing early-intervention initiative to reduce student attrition. Through this engagement, the STAR Team became aware of the particular impact of academic progression issues on international students, including Visa implications and financial burdens. Developed in response, the Student Lifecycle Program provides an opportunity for meaningful intervention, and service referral, in a proactive attempt to improve the academic trajectory of international students on the academic progression register. The Student Lifecycle Program is a three-step program in which students have the opportunity to complete an online self-reflection tool, participate in a phone session and meet with the Student Lifecycle Officer (SLO). The SLO partners with students to develop an individual Action Plan to empower students to seek the support they need to improve their academic standing. The program was piloted with two partner faculties with high student participation and positive feedback resulting in approval for broader implementation from Semester 2 2018. This paper will discuss the rationale for the Student Lifecycle Program, the methodology of the Program’s development and pilot, and the importance of creating meaningful partnerships with participating students.


Lakia Turner is the Student Retention Coordinator in the Student Transition and Retention Team within Student Support Services at the University of Sydney


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