Let’s Talk – Why Student Partnership Matters!

Dr Rina Daluz1, Ms. Daniela Sbrizzi

1UNSW Sydney, Kesington, Australia


UNSW students aid in, having a voice on mental health promotion on campus through leadership and volunteering opportunities in the Student Minds® @ UNSW program-the Student Voice on Mental Health. Day to day activities in Student Minds® are guided by the principles and practice of Student Partnership where staff and students share in decision making, collaborate and partner to deliver the yearly goals and initiatives of Student Minds. One of the product of student partnership is the conceptualisation and delivery of one of the Student Minds® signature initiative, Let’s Talk –  a student consult opportunity with the student body where it is an avenue to enhance Student Minds’ representation to give a platform for students to provide input and listen to students’ voice.  Whilst Let’s Talk is still young in its conceptualisation and delivery, there are lessons to be learned, a peek on student’s perspective and insights on student’s views on how a Student Consult is implemented and delivered. This presentation will address What is Let’s Talk student consult? How it looks? Preliminary data? Why Student Partnership Matters!


Rina is the UNSW Student Minds® staff partner and a psychologist at UNSW Counselling and Psychological Services [CAPS].
Daniela is a student volunteer/partner of Student Minds® since 2017 and is a key player and leader in the 2018 Let’s Talk – Student Consult initiative.


The Australian and New Zealand Student Services Association Inc. (ANZSSA) is a professional association for people with an interest in the role of support services in post secondary education. We are focused on: The quality of the student experience Supporting and empowering students to achieve their educational and life goals Enhancing student wellbeing and development Improving student success and persistence Providing outreach to students at-risk Raising institutional student retention rates For more information, please visit the ANZSSA website at anzssa.com.

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